DIY Seed Pots

I told you I bought seeds yesterday – and I’m hoping I’m not too late – but I already have some seeds left from last year (and may go buy some more this weekend).  But I have too many seeds and not enough of anything to start them in. Rather than go spend more money … Continue reading DIY Seed Pots

Time to Plan the Garden!

After waiting a bit too long because of all the other things going on, I've made my seed purchases for the garden this morning! (I'm a little late, I know) Now I just have to figure out where on earth I'm going to be starting all these! We've got a plan this year, and I'm going … Continue reading Time to Plan the Garden!

A Little Disappointment…

Well, the craft show was a bit of a disappointment. BUT, I think it may have had more to do with organization (or lack thereof) than perhaps what I was trying to sell. I did have a few people buy things, my grandmother included. But without my grandmother I wouldn't have even made enough to … Continue reading A Little Disappointment…

New Year, New Plan, New Budget

2017 has begun! This year, as I've said, we've got a lot of goals. With that in mind, I've been working on a budget for DH and I to follow this year. He's not so big on budgeting. He's more the "Just don't spend it, and it'll be fine" sort. I need plans. I can't … Continue reading New Year, New Plan, New Budget

Happy New Year!

I know I've been MIA for...well.... awhile. Let's just leave it at awhile. My new job and getting settled in the new house kind of took over for a bit. And then I started my own little hobby business. But that's coming later on in the post. First, I hope you've all had wonderful holidays, … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Mushroom Capitol of the World? Who knew?

This weekend was my girls' weekend trip with the BFF. This year, we went to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Originally the goal was to go to Longwood Gardens. We're a sucker for a good botanical gardens. We also found a place downtown that was a Mushroom store and said it had an exhibit. This was just … Continue reading Mushroom Capitol of the World? Who knew?

Blackberry Pie

I have big plans for canning blackberry pie filling, but I must admit that I don't like seeds in my blackberries. I have texture issues. Let's just leave it with that. Its sad, really. I tried a plucot today and LOVED the taste, but I just couldn't get past the texture. But I digress. Anyhoo, … Continue reading Blackberry Pie

Back in the Game!

Its been a busy couple of months! We have finally moved in and unpacked the house, had the housewarming party, and even gotten the garden going (we started that before the house was even unpacked, actually.) Now I just have to get back into cooking and making things again. I've been working on it - … Continue reading Back in the Game!