Seeds are a problem.

They lead me to bad things. Mostly, looking for one packet of seeds leads to looking through the website of whatever seed company I’m browsing. Which leads to a full virtual cart of things that I can’t actually grow. So far I’ve closed the window twice, wincing as my shopping cart disappears, knowing that fifteen minutes of browsing has been lost.

Sometimes I put anything I want in, and then pare it down when I go to “checkout.” Talking myself down from the plethora of patty pan squash, paste tomatoes, the promise of big green sorrel leaves I know I won’t eat…

I just like growing things. When it was just me, I could justify spending twenty bucks on seeds that would come in the mail and I would pull out the ones I really could grow and save the rest in a drawer for “later.” Except that later was six years ago. I lived in a house with a great porch and landlord who didn’t care if I gardened. I also lived about fifty yards from the Chesapeake Bay’s briny waters. Which meant briny soil and well water that was so hard giant bags of “iron-out” salt didn’t really make a dent. I gave up owning white clothes, because after a wash or two, they weren’t white anymore.

My attempts to grow things were short lived and disappointing to put it mildly. If it was in a pot, it had to be watered from salt-treated well water. If it was in the ground it was getting salt there and more heat than was good for it. Oh, and more salty water.

I gave up. I kept a few plants in pots that managed to survive and put my seeds away.

Then I moved into a small townhouse style apartment. It had steps. I figured I could make things grow again. My very first apartment had let me grow LOTS of things. But that was a balconey with shade. This was concrete with almost constant sun. I left for a week and everything died.

Now the fiancé and I have an apartment with a small mostly enclosed patio that gets a mix of sun and shade and has a water spigot of its own. I have been babying pots of plants in my last months at the old apartment and they are looking beautiful. I have plans for this new patio.

Oh, do I have plans.

I might have bookmarked some more seeds. Just a couple.

For now.


2 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. Here in Michigan it’s getting to the point that planting seeds is coming to an end. My trouble is everytime I head to the garden stores I pick up more plants. I expanded the garden and within hours it was already full, yet I still want to plant more. I’ve never had much of a green thumb, but this year I am trying to change that. Good luck with your pots — I too am trying pots on our patio, along with the garden. I figure since everything can’t fit in the garden, I’ll start moving to pots. ~ Tilly


    1. vee1331

      The pots are really easy – when I had the other apartment several years ago (it was a balconey) I had my own jungle. The only thing I couldn’t get to grow well was peas – not enough light for them to produce.


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