Greek Festival!

The tents have been taunting me for two weeks. Next to my old apartment, giant tents have been gleaming in the sunlight for two weeks. The signs for the Newport News Greek Festival went up around the same time. I was actually glad that I didn’t have to be out of my old apartment for another two weeks, because it meant I could park in my spot and go to the festival. This location is one of the few good things about my old home.

I went with my BFF and another friend, C, to move out some more of my stuff. (In my original imagining, it would all be out and we’d be cleaning. That was a pipe dream, my friend.) We’re down to the last bit, but my fiancé is getting a little frustrated and even I wonder where it all comes from. I can pack it in, that’s for sure!

(I’m trying to downsize. Trying being the operative word)

We attended the Festival in the Fall and while the food was delicious, we were underwhelmed by the rest of the offerings. Everyone insisted that it was because it was the fall version. They assured us that the summer version was much better.

There was more traffic than I expected yesterday, because of the festival, which also had a drive thru built in the parking lot. I mean, let’s be honest, most of us (me included) were really just there for the food. And the smells… The scent of roasted lamb, honey and filo pastry, and spanakopita really were to die for. It’s probably better than I don’t live in that apartment anymore. Otherwise the sound of Greek music and those smells would be my undoing for three days!

Anyway, when we went inside the Hellenic Center attached to the church, there were about twenty vendors set up. Mostly jewelry and scarves, clothing, and a few other items. Some hand painted ceramic bowls that were really beautiful, and an entire table dedicated to the evil eye in any form you could want. Blue glass eyes glinted from rings, anklets, lanterns, key chains, and bracelets, among other things. The only thing that really caught my eye was a table of award winning olive oil. Expensive, but tasty. As I’m going back on the last trip to the apartment with my parents Saturday, I might come home with some of that. Really good olive oil is worth a little more. We’ll just have to ration it out. At twenty dollars a bottle, I don’t want to waste it!

After a very brief turn around the vendor room, to at least pretend like we were there to shop as well as eat, we headed for the food. This was all under in the giant tents outside. The smells were wonderful, and it was hard to decide what I wanted. Maybe that’s why they’d put the food out there – the scent would draw people in. The fiancé had already put in an order for a gyro, so I decided to just get two. On the return trip I’ll get the spanakopita and dolmades if I want them.

Once we’d made our choices, we headed back to the pastry counter. It is mouthwatering. Kouriambeithes, baklava, baklava brownies – so much I would love to eat, and probably shouldn’t.  We all bought too much, but they were delicious. My kouriambeithe was a crumbly, powdery, messy delight.

As a whole, we decided, it wasn’t really so much better than Fall. But seeing as we were there for the food, that really didn’t bother us much. I’ll see what is different on Saturday. We were there early on the first day, after all. I’ll try to get some pictures on Saturday and add them in.

Hopefully another gyro will ease my fiancé’s pain as I bring another pile of stuff into the new place.


2 thoughts on “Greek Festival!

  1. You think you’ve got stuff now. Wait till your married a few years. Things accumulate through the years and there really isn’t much you can do about it. After nearly 22 years of marriage I’ve managed to fill the attic, basement, and every nook and cranny in the house. Hubby has the office for his library, about 2/3 of the basement for his gym, half the garage for his car, half the walk-in closet, and one of the linen closets all to himself, but everything else is mine. I say “mine” but lots of it benefits him, like the pantry full of home-canned goods, the kitchen nook that has been taken over by my canning supplies, 1/3 of the garage that has 300 canning jars waiting for fresh summer produce, and all the other things I just can’t part with that make me happy — thus making him happy (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Stuff is comforting. I downsize on occasion, just so I can fill in the gaps again with new things. Enjoy the process.

    The festival sounds great — I love Greek food as well. I think I’m going to have hubby take me out for Greek food for my birthday. ~ Tilly


    1. vee1331

      I keep telling him that someday when we move into a house he’ll be glad I kept all the stuff. 🙂 Greek food is delicious. I could easily have eaten my way through. But I kept reminding myself I’d be back so I could get something else then. lol.


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