Yesterday was the “clean the old apartment” evening. I managed to get it all done right after work, though it did take me about 3.5 hours. Not too bad, considering. Its far, FAR cleaner than when I moved in. Not that it would have taken much. I am really hoping that they don’t find something to charge me for, because there’s only one thing I can think of (a random splotch in the stove, but I’m not sure it wasn’t always there. I scrubbed for a good 30 minutes, and I wasn’t going anywhere) and I’ll be up in arms if I get a bill for cleaning or something.

Have I mentioned how glad I am to be out of the old apartment?

I must apologize. I’m not normally so grouchy, but its the last two weeks of school and I’ve just finished grading everything. I teach high school. This year hasn’t gone badly, but at the end the senior class basically blew off school entirely for two weeks. Not just my class (thank goodness), but all of them. It shows. Let’s just leave it at that. And as I grade and see what they’ve let go, I just get more and more frustrated. People often think teachers don’t do much. That because we have all that time off in the summer we should be grateful and shut up. What they miss is the fact that we bring work home with us for the rest of the year, spend weekends grading and planning, and during that “free time” in the summer, are expected and required to attend professional development.

Days like today make me wonder why I’m a teacher. For the money I get paid I could be someone’s secretary and have less stress and more free time. Seriously. My BFF and I looked it up once. We would get paid almost double to be cruise ship performers.

Most of the time, I like my job. But on days like today, all I can think is that I’ll be doing this forever, never make much more than I do, and probably never be able to retire. I’m finishing my 6th year teaching, my 9th working in education. I’ve already outlasted most new teachers. The average teacher coming out of college lasts for about 5 years before making a career change. When I first started, I didn’t get it. Now, I totally do. If you know a teacher, give them a hug. They need it at the end of the year.

I’m still holding out hope for my writing career. Then I could teach for fun and write for work.

I’m sorry. I’m done ranting.

Back to the apartment –

Tonight I have to go back and put on new burner covers, pull a few missed nails from the wall, and then I’m finished until the final inspection tomorrow when I turn in my keys and leave for good.

I’m also hoping to organize the closet holding my canning supplies. I love to can, but the water bath canner set my brother and his fiancee bought me as a shower gift (he’s my Bridesdude) is fabulous, but huge. Plus the pressure canner I inherited from mom…. its a lot of stuff in a small space. I’m still working out where everything is going to go, especially since there are a lot of other things in there.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures and some success to share tomorrow.


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