The End is Near!

Today is the day! I sign out of my old apartment completely. I went over yesterday to replace the drip covers on the oven. I forgot to check the packages and ended up with only two. So I’ve got two more in the car and I’m really hoping the person who comes to do the walk through is prompt. I don’t want to be sitting around and waiting forever.

I also went to the new apartment and spent some time unpacking so that the kitchen table could be unearthed. My collection of tea pots is sitting on top of the china cabinet, almost invisible, as I need some Styrofoam to raise it up enough to see. But its up and out of the way. I even managed to pull out a bright colored tablecloth, albeit a really wrinkled one, and set the table. I need to clean up a few more things, and discovered that I have no earthly idea where my curtains ended up. I know I packed them, but I didn’t mark the box and I’ve found one set. I’m still looking for the other two. Lesson learned.

Though the fiance has been great at keeping my plants watered, I went outside and discovered one of my three cucumber plants had wilted and looked like some of the leaves were covered in a strange mold or fungus. The other two, one in the same pot and the other nearby, look okay, but I’ll be keeping an eye on them. The first one is going gangbusters, and starting to climb the rack that we put out for it. The strawberry has put out some runners, and I read that you can just anchor them with a little wire in a small pot of dirt and they’ll root – so that’s also on my to do list this week. I still have some poor peppers and roma tomatoes growing in tiny plastic pots that need some space, and FAST. I also picked off a couple of suckers from the tomatoes, and after reading Tilly’s post about rooting them on her blog, Simply Grateful Housewife, I’ve put them in my little glass rooting vase and we’re going to try it.

Too much to do and too little time!


One thought on “The End is Near!

  1. My suckers are doing pretty good. Remember to keep them out of the sun while in the water. The ones I have in pots are doing okay in the sun, but the ones in my jars wilted terribly when in the sun. They are doing much better in the shade. Congratulations on the final move. Enjoy the process. ~ Tilly


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