Happy Monday!

Its the last week of school! *happy dance* AND Saturday is my bachelorette party. I know most people do it just before the wedding, but my friends are all over the place, and this is the weekend everyone can come. Works for me!

This weekend was pretty good. Fiance and I went down to Virginia Beach to see my parents and go to my fourth grade teacher’s retirement party. She’d made a special point of emailing and inviting me, so I figured I’d go. I’m glad I did – she seemed really tickled I came. She was an awesome teacher – we took “field trips” to things like the Mayflower all in the classroom, and she was really great at making history and other subjects come to life. She also took us to Monticello, which I really liked. Her party was a great success and she seemed really happy, so I’m glad we decided to go.

On Sunday once we got back, there was a brief moment of panic as the cucumber of doom was wilted and drooping like you wouldn’t believe. But after some water and once the sun had moved off of it, it looked back to normal. Whew!

Here’s the photo from Friday afternoon – its slowly taking over the patio. Its even taller than this now – by almost 6 inches!

IMG_3517The tomatoes are getting big and starting to set a few. I need to find some pantyhose to sacrifice and tie it to something. The last thing I want is to kill it because its too heavy to support itself.

After cleaning and unpacking the last box (WOOHOO!) I spent Sunday night making a candy cake I saw on What Jessica Baked Next. I chose to make a white cake to counteract the amount of chocolate, just a little, but it turned out much better than I thought it would. Its sitting in the staff room now waiting for people to take a bite. I know of at least two people from the middle school down the street who are planning to make trips to “drop things off” so they can sneak a taste. We’ll see what they think.

It looks delicious!


Ignore the fact that I made a big mess when I poured the ganache on. I was going to whip it, but I got lazy and it was getting late, so I just poured. It worked fine, especially since I froze the whole thing overnight so I would be sure it would survive my hour ride to work in the morning. I didn’t want kit kats falling off in the middle of getting it there!

How was your weekend?



4 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

    1. vee1331

      Thanks! I put it in the teacher’s lounge at 8, and by 11 it was gone and the plate was scraped too – so it can’t have been too bad! 🙂


  1. I am definitely going to have to try this cake. My daughter loves anything and everything chocolate, so I might use chocolate cake as well. As soon as I can get off the couch for more than 30 minutes, it’s off to the store to pick up the list of ingredients. Thanks ~ Tilly


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