Canning Storage…

Canning is something my family has done in the past, and my aunt still does every year. When I decided to get into canning, I inherited my grandmother’s pressure canner (which still works great) from my mom, as well as a bunch more jars.

Then, after using a big stock pot for a couple years, my brother bought me the lovely water bath canning set I put on our wedding registry. (There might have been some mention of coming down to help me use it. lol) This is great! I’m set, and I can’t wait to break it out and put it to good use. Problem is, those pots all take up a lot of space. Add in the rings and lids and jars, and its A LOT of space.

Right now, they’re in what the fiance and I call the “Harry Potter” closet under the stairs. With several other things. Today’s mission is to try and get that cleaned up. I’m mentally trying to come up with a storage solution that will work, but I’m not having tons of luck. So we’ll see. I also have to bake for two different potlucks at school in the next two days, and a world cup kickoff get together we’re throwing tomorrow night. There’s a lot of things to do this evening.

Do you have any great ideas for small space storage of canning items? What have you come up with?


2 thoughts on “Canning Storage…

  1. Marisa from Food in Jars talks about this. She claims to have jars stashed all over the place – under her sofa, under the bed and so on. We have a house with a basement, so while my kitchen is small – I kid I have two square feet of counter space – my canning supplies mostly have a home in the basement. During the full swing of the season, the dining room table & hutch hold the overflow. I always have an assortment of jars cluttering some surface up.


  2. When I lived in an apartment I had a large linen closet that I used two full shelves for canning supplies and home canned goods. My pantry is now in the basement, my canning supplies (including pots, lids, bands, utensils, dehydrators, pressure canners, tomato strainers, pectin, and the like) are in the nook, and I have about 150 pint, 150 quart, and only a couple dozen jelly jars stored along the inside of the garage for convenience (the basement is not convenient).

    Right now the nook in our kitchen is home to all my canning supplies and has been since January. We can’t eat in there during the winter because three sides are glass and it is too cold. During that time we eat in the dining room. Seeing as I am still canning and the dining room never really gets used anyway, the nook is now the permanent home (although Hubby still believes temporary) of my canning supplies. Until he builds me a room where I can build my dream pantry/canning room, the nook is mine.


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