Weekend Success!

This weekend was the bachelorette party! We had a fabulous time, starting at Rebounderz in Newport News. If you’ve never been there, it is a giant building full of trampolines. They have trampolines with basketball hoops. They have a trampoline dodgeball area. They have a huge trampoline jumping area, where you can jump off the walls! (This is harder than it looks. Trust me.) And they have a giant foam block filled pit you can bounce into.

Oh, the “ball pit”… It was fun, but what you don’t realize is that foam blocks stick to you. And that while the seven year old who was trying to help by telling us to just roll might be able to roll out…. I’m a lot bigger and sank a lot farther. Three of the five of us got stuck. My brother had to help pull me out far enough till I could grab the railing on the side and yank myself the rest of the easy out. Much harder to do when you can’t stop laughing!

It was a blast, but we paid to bounce for an hour. Fifteen minutes in we were all sweating and panting and thought it had been twice that long!

After that we went to the Melting Pot and pretended to be grownups for awhile. Delicious!

We played games, my team won at Disney Scene It (twice!) And they laughed when I turned bright red while opening the one gift with ” adult” items in it.

It was a fabulous bachelorette party. My friends and family are the best!

Now I’m at the parents and leaving the fiance in charge of the jungle on the patio. We did have to move the other plants off the rack the cucumber is climbing because its trying to grab EVERYTHING.


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