Its Alive!

I’m going to have to send an email to the fiancé, because while I was gone, apparently the cucumber was having some issues.

Its upsetting, really.

Audrey (as we’ve named her – AKA the cucumber of Doom) has been taking over many things. Her growth upwards has finally slowed, though now she’s growing outward. There have also been a lot of blooms, many with tiny cucumbers forming.

But, we’d started to notice that a couple turned brown and shriveled up. It was just one when I left to go to the parents to get cracking on wedding stuff (25 days!), but while I was gone, he had pulled off four more. So he went online and discovered that the flowers weren’t being pollinated. I was afraid of this, but kept telling myself that the tiny cucumbers meant they WERE being pollinated.


There aren’t any bees, and our patio is pretty closed off because of the way the building  is shaped. This is great for privacy, but not good for attracting pollinators. So I told him that I’d have to go out with a paintbrush and do it myself.

He’s amazing, and decided he would go ahead and do it.

I get a text telling me its done on Monday night. Tuesday afternoon he calls and tells me that Audrey is making babies. A LOT of babies. Apparently in 24 hours after he did that, all the blooms it had are now shriveling and producing cucumbers, and the ones that had started are going gangbusters. He texted me a picture tonight, and they’re almost 4 inches long!?!

I’m going to ask him to take a real picture so I can post it. Somehow, I feel like we’re going to have a bunch. And I’m afraid that all our lovely tomatoes (also A TON growing) and cucumbers are going to come ripe while we’re on our honeymoon. Here’s hoping that they don’t produce all their fruit while we’re gone!

In the meantime, I’m still making paperflowers and I’m nearly done with my veil! Whew! At least all 400 chocolates are made and bagged!


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