Black and Blue…

I hope everyone (or at least those in the USA) had a fabulous Independence Day! Despite a hurricane rolling through, things actually cleared up and were really nice by the end of the day on Friday. We even went out to Sandbridge to see if we could find any shells and enjoy the cooler weather.

Today we decided to get up early and go out to Pungo Blueberries and go berry picking. We got up early, got there by 7:30 and were out in the blackberry fields after getting our containers weighed.

So pretty early in the morning!
So pretty early in the morning!
So many more to ripen...
So many more to ripen…
The fields were almost empty!
The fields were almost empty!




The blackberries were GORGEOUS, the weather was cool, there was a nice breeze, and the berries are prolific. I might have to go back for more later.

We got about 10 pounds for around 20 bucks in about 20 minutes. Not too bad.

Then we went to the blueberry side.

Pretty, but not ripe.
Pretty, but not ripe.

Now, first of all, they’re known more for blueberries. Hence the name. More people over in those fields. And the bushes, while full of berries, were very picked over until you got to some of the end bushes way out. It took us the better part of an hour to get another 10 pounds of berries, but we did well overall. Now to figure out what to do with everything!IMG_3580

The whole haul!
The whole haul!



2 thoughts on “Black and Blue…

    1. vee1331

      I think we’re going to freeze some and make syrup with the majority. The blackberries I’m hoping to freeze and can pie filling. 🙂


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