Pepper Jelly

I made pepper jelly yesterday. We have five jalapeno plants on the back patio that have decided to become major pepper producers. So there were about 25 peppers on the counter yesterday. Now, I have to preface this y saying tha twhen the hubs tried the peppers a couple weeks ago (before we picked all the big ones) they weren’t really hot at all. When he tried one yesteray and accidentally rubbed his nose, it was spicy, but we assumed a fluke.

It wasn’t a fluke.

There were 9 jalapenos that went into my jelly. I don’t have any gloves at home, but I’ve cut them before and had no issues. Granted, it wasn’t so many. 

You can see where this is going.

I washed my hands about four times after cutting the peppers. It all seemed fine. Made the jelly, stirred, watched the canner that was a gift from my brother for my bridal shower and admired it (LOVE that thing.). After I started putting the jars into the water bath, I noticed that three fingers were burning. I just assumed I burnt myself. COUldn’t remember when, but its not like I hadn’t done it before.

The jars came out, they all pinged within twenty minutes of coming out of hte bath, they looked beautiful.

I cleaned up, then went to take a shower.

And rubbed my eyes.

Yeah, so I didn’t burn myself. Apparently the peppers stuck around. I got the eye taken care of pretty quick (Thank goodness!) But the fingers continued to burn. And get worse. I felt like I was dipping them into boiling water. Not cool. I tried milk, then oil, then vinegar, then mustard, then whipped cream (don’t ask. At this point it was close to midnight and I was tired). I called my mother who came up with things I’d already tried. Finally, I jumped on Twitter and asked for help. Someone suggested a baking soda paste made with milk. I’d also seen lime juice. 

The baking soda and milk were almost instant lessening of the pain. It didn’t go away – but it brought the level down to something manageable. RUbbing with half a lime seemed to help as well. At least it was down to the pads of my fingers screaming and the rest was almost gone.

This morning, more than 8 hours later, its mostly gone. My thumb is still tingly, but its so much better.

Lesson learned. Wear gloves when handling peppers. Believe me, won’t happen again!



3 thoughts on “Pepper Jelly

  1. You poor thing! I learned this lesson a few years ago when I was canning hot banana peppers. Grace and I were working together and both suffered because we didn’t use gloves.

    This morning I was canning some of my jalapeno peppers using gloves and Hubby came in. After watching me for a few minutes working with my gloves on he said, “Ya know, I never would have thought to use gloves!” Yep, a common mistake but one that you no doubt will not make again.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    1. vee1331

      Thanks! Its much better now – but still tingly and when I get warm water on my hands, its much warmer still on those fingers. I can’t believe its still stuck around!


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