New endeavors…

A while ago I made an etsy shop and then decided it was a stupid idea to have it. I’ve decided to give it another try and post some homemade Christmas ornaments (eventually) and some printable things I’ve made. I have a lot of debt to clear up (ah, student loans), and I figure any little bit helps.

I’ve also realized that I spend far too much money on Burt’s Bees and “natural” lip balm. I’m a crafty person. When I went looking for recipes for making your own and realized how simple it was, I added up the price. For 50 tubes of Burt’s Bees, its about 150 bucks. Since I use roughly 15 a year (I lose chapstick like you wouldn’t believe), 50 would keep me for a bit and make great Christmas gifts. The materials to make my own would run me under 50 bucks. Uh, yeah, I think that’s worth trying out. Especially since I already have half the material, and I can reuse the chapstick tubes I bought, assuming I keep and sterilize them as they get emptied.

I’d love to try making my own soap, but lye being what it is, I’m a little scared and I don’t have the outside space or unwanted pots and pans to do anything with it. So for now, we’ll stick to things that can be made without it. Liquid soap, lotion, etc. I’ll post when I make my chapstick – hopefully my order will come in this week, but I’ve never ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs before. We’ll see how long it takes to ship!

Do you use etsy? What things do you buy or like best from there?

If you’d like to see the shop (I’ll be adding things over the course of the next couple months) Here’s the link:


2 thoughts on “New endeavors…

  1. This is exciting!
    I don’t use etsy. I want to, but then I wind up either making it myself or buying it from someone I know. However, there’s always a first because I sort of know someone because I read their blog…..

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