Meal Planning

In an effort to try and eat healthier, lose weight, and generally be less stressed, I’ve decided that DH and I need to sit down and come up with a monthly meal plan. Since he’ll eat anything, and I like to cook, this means I’ll come up with one and then show him and see what he thinks. He doesn’t always like to be so planned out either, but this is a good way for me to get motivated. Right now, I made freezer meals but we haven’t really used them. Mainly because I forget to pull one out in the morning, and in the evening I’ve been too tired to worry about trying to thaw one and cook. I don’t mind cooking or the process – but I want all the ingredients ready to go and knowledge of what I’m going to make.

So I created a template, which is a pretty basic monthly calendar spread with a grocery list on the side (I’ll still write out a separate list). I also included the veggies that are in season/cheapest at the store on each month. I’m hoping it will help to spark ideas and maybe even cut down on the grocery bills. I suck at couponing – we don’t get the paper and while I try to watch for sales, its a lot of time I just don’t have to sit and compare and clip things. I try… but I usually fail.

I’d also love to find a meat market and farmer’s market where I live, but while there are both in areas around us, there’s nothing right near where we live. We’d have to drive an hour or more (which is so silly, considering that we actually live in a pretty densely populated area) to find either.

So if you want a copy, here’s my calendar! Feel free to download and use!







Do you do monthly planning? Any tips? I’d like to get to where we go shopping once a month and then not at all. Not sure about that one though.


3 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. In theory, I like the idea of meal planning, but then things pop up that throw the schedule out of whack or someone will make a request for something else pretty please or I’ll just decide that I’m not feeling that particular dish that particular day and well, out the window the whole idea goes. I have realized that if I don’t have a dinner plan by say, lunchtime, then I’ll be scrambling later in the day and some days I don’t have the time or the inclination to scramble.
    With shopping but once a month, it seems like you’d be limited on produce items.

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    1. vee1331

      I’m not going to make it set in stone – for the same reasons. I’m sure there will be days I just don’t want that. But its nice to have some idea beforehand. The shopping once a month is probably a pipe dream, especially for produce. But I’d settle for one really big shop and then smaller ones for things that go bad.


      1. I probably have one huge run a month for staples like flour, sugar, etc, but then hit the locally owned stores up the street for things as needed.


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