On our trip to Charlottesville, we picked 25 pounds of apples – half Granny Smith, Half Stayman. I decided to make the Staymans, or most of them, into applesauce, as DH prefers his apples tart anyway. (I don’t eat apples. Not in any form, except an odd glass of cider)

I had tried to make apple pie filling before with rather… messy… results. This time, I was determined to do it right, but I was also eyeing 12 pounds of apples and told him that we were taking a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond that morning to get an apple peeler/corer/slicer, because I was NOT going to do all that with a paring knife again. Luckily, I had two different coupons, so the cost was well under $20 and it has a suction cup on the bottom, so it doesn’t have to attach or clamp to the counter. (Bad experiences with a clamp pasta machine awhile ago)

People, this machine is the BEST. TOOL. EVER!


I had to put a towel under the slicer, as the apples were super juicy! Even with it, they still left a puddle on the counter. Total, I sliced almost all of the bag, and got about 6 pounds of sliced, peeled, apples out of it for the pot. And I sliced them all in under 15 minutes. Compared to last time… I’m in love with it. Seriously.


Ignore the brown middles – I didn’t put lemon juice on anything as I was cutting.

I got it all in the pot, added a little water, which was probably more than I needed. These were some seriously juicy apples – there was probably a 1/4 of juice sitting in the bottom already. I cooked them until they were soft, then passed them through my food mill. Which went much more smoothly when I realized I put the screen on upside down. lol.

I added some cinnamon, about half as much sugar as the recipe said since the apples were really sweet, a little nutmeg, and then had to put a lid on it and shove it on the back burner, because the canner full of jars wasn’t ready yet.CIMG0133

Here’s a shot of my tiny apartment kitchen while we wait….

Finally, the jars were ready, I heated the sauce to boiling, then filled everything, wiped rims, and processed them in a boiling water bath for 20 minutes. They came out well, and they taste pretty good!


Here’s a recipe, taken from Ball’s website. The actual recipe I used came from the Ball Home Preserving Book, but had no lemon juice:



One thought on “Applesauce!

  1. Stayman make for good applesauce. I don’t add sugar (or lemon) and I don’t peel them before dumping them in the pot. There is more flavor in the final product if you leave the peel on, which will get left behind when you put them through the food mill. You don’t even need to core them and remove the seeds – they also get left behind.
    I just got my third bushel of apples this season. There might be some more applesauce, a few more pies, but definitely a few more batches of apple pie jam, which is my hands down favorite jam. I’m currently on a grilled cheese with apple pie jam for lunch kick.

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