Benefits of homemade lotion….

A few weeks ago, in the process of deciding what I would make in my homemade spa gifts for Christmas, I made some homemade lotion. I found the recipe on Wellness Mama, and it looked like it was the kind of consistency I’m used to in lotion. I decided to try it, with a few minor additions.

I didn’t whip it, because I didn’t want to clean up the mixer (i.e., I was being lazy). I made the lotion, but it felt too heavy, so I abandoned it without every really using it.

Then I went to sauerkraut canning weekend, and my Aunt wanted me to try this lotion she’d gotten from a vendor at a festival. She raved about how it didn’t disappear as soon as you put it on. It brought up a good point – I buy lotions. They smell nice, or they say they’re made for sensitive skin, dry skin, etc etc etc. But when you put them on, two seconds later, you don’t really notice that you’ve done anything.

So I decided that I would re-try the lotion. I went home, pulled out the mixer, and whipped the lotion until it looked like, well, lotion. It was still a bit heavy, but it was much better. I realize now that part of my problem is that we’re conditioned to think that cosmetics must be a certain consistency, or it doesn’t feel right.

But, to get to the point, I’ve been using this lotion for two weeks, almost every day. I put it on at night because its still a bit too heavy for me to use in the morning and feel comfortable. But I’ve noticed a couple of pretty awesome things. First, and it might be in my head, I had cuts on my hands that had been there for four days before I started using the lotion. I’d put neosporin on them, bandaids, etc. They were healing, but slowly. Two days after using the lotion, one is gone, the other is almost gone, and the third is signifigantly smaller.

The bigger, more amazing thing I noticed yesterday was on my arms. Since I was a little kid, I’ve had these tiny raised red bumps down the back of my biceps. They’re not a rash, they don’t itch, they’re just there. My mom and I have tried many lotions over the years to get rid of it. I even (for a short time) used coconut oil on it.

After two weeks, they’re gone.

You can still see some redness, but the bumps themselves have almost entirely disappeared. I now have to go back and figure out what changes I made to that recipe so I can make it again! The case for doing things with natural products just keeps getting stronger.

I also found a great local soap maker I can get bar soap (among other things) from. Its Perfectly Natural Soap and the ladies there are lovely, and the soaps smell amazing. I highly recommend them, if you’re looking for something. Until I try making my own soap, this is where I’ll be getting mine!

Anyway, here’s the link to the recipe on Wellness Mama for the lotion:


I added lavender and lemon essential oil, and used shea butter. Next time, I’ll probably use more essential oil to give it some real fragrance. Right now its so light you can almost not even smell it.


2 thoughts on “Benefits of homemade lotion….

  1. I get those bumps – they are little ingrown hairs or so I was told.
    Natural products really are the best. My neighbor makes some fabulous body bars and like your lotion, they help cuts heal faster while actually moisturizing my hands.


    1. vee1331

      These aren’t ingrown hairs – we’ve checked before and been told its something else, whose name I forget, but its basically just constantly irritated. its amazing what the natural stuff can do!


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