A terrifying proposition (in a good way)

Today, DH and I have an appointment at our bank to see what (if anything) we can get in the way of mortgage.


Now, there are lots of things wrapped up in this. We’re planning on a rural home loan, because there’s no down payment and we just don’t have the funds for one (nor are we likely. Ah, the joy of being city worker/teacher). There is a limited area available to us, which actually is okay if we can find something we like.

The prospect of buying a home is slightly terrifying though. I mean, that would mean that we’re really grown ups. FOR REAL.

We’ll see how this evening goes.



3 thoughts on “A terrifying proposition (in a good way)

  1. I remember when we signed those papers, I looked at my husband and said, “nothing says I love you like seeing exactly how much in debt you are for the next 30 years together.”
    There’s a long road being getting approved and actually buying a home – getting approved is the easy part. Hope it goes well!

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  2. I hope your meeting went well. Buying a home is a big step toward adulthood. We bought our home 22 years ago and are still in it. We never thought we’d still be here in the same home, but things have just worked out that way. 22 years later we are still getting used to all the adult things a house opens up, it’s never-ending. Don’t sweat it though, it’s all good.


    1. vee1331

      It went pretty well. We have a few things to do before we can get the loan we want, but they are minor things. Hopefully we’ll be in a house this year and not next, but we’ll see. Next step is getting in touch with a real estate agent!

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