Glass again….

My BFF and I got a few of our other friends together and went back to The Glass Spot in Richmond. Seriously, I think I have a problem. This time, we made flowers. It was just so cool – and with these we got to really manipulate the glass more, which was awesome.

I really, REALLY want to take these classes at some point. I mean, take a look at the photos… what’s not cool about this? (well, other than the glass, obviously. lol)

I also tried a new recipe, because I’m the Faculty Life committee (you read that right – I am a committee of one) and was told that this year I’ll have to fundraise for it, because there isn’t as much money for the school to give it to me. So I found a recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Palmiers at

They were pretty good!


I’ll let you know how they sell – I went to work extra early and managed to lock my keys and everything except my cell phone in my truck, so they didn’t get to the school coffee shop in time for breakfast. Figures.


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