First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall!!! This means that autumn is finally starting to get here, and it also means that I had to come up with a spread for the Faculty Life committee. So I went a bit overboard (like normal) and made several things.

First, I’d been looking for an excuse to play with fondant, so I made an autumn leaf cake. It came out pretty well, especially considering how much I tried to mangle it by being impatient and trying to take the cakes out before they were cool. The leaves looked pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself. IMG_0371

I also made a french apple tart, which I saw on America’s Test Kitchen, and it smelled pretty good (though I don’t like apples, so I didn’t eat any).


I also made French Onion Soup Dip, which I found on Rumbly in my Tumbly. It was AWESOME! I definitely recommend you try it out! I left off the green onions and bacon (didn’t have either) and it still had rave reviews!



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