It Begins…. Again.

This morning the husband and I went to breakfast at Panera (he took the day off) and we sat down with a notebook and did some serious thinking about what we NEED in a house, and what we WANT in a house. The NEEDS are our sticking points. The WANT list was stuff we thought would be nice.

It was good to actually sit down and map it out. We cleared all the previous searches we’d done online lately, and started fresh. Hopefully we can nail down a short list of places we’d like to see and then call the real estate agent to get started on the house hunt again.

I’ve got one at the top of my list already. Here’s hoping….


3 thoughts on “It Begins…. Again.

  1. Good luck to you. Remember to keep an open mind. What looks or sounds good on paper might not always be what you expect. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, there is no such thing as perfect and perfection is over-rated. Happy New Year.

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