Compost Bucket for $2

While we aren’t moving yet, and while it might be a stupid idea since we are planning on moving, I decided that a compost bucket would be a great idea. If nothing else, I can take it to my gardening club at school, or we can use it as starter soil in the new place.

So, here’s what you need to make a bucket composter for about 2 dollars.

First, you need a 5 gallon bucket. I got mine from Firehouse Subs, as they sell their empty pickle buckets for 2 dollars, and it comes with a lid. Can’t beat that!


Drill holes in the bottom and the lid  – maybe 6-8 holes. I used a 1/4″ drill bit, because that’s what was in the power drill when I picked it up.

IMG_5045    IMG_5046

I lined the bottom with scraps of paper from cleaning up my desk. Then dumped leftover potting soil inside. The layer of paper was probably 2-4″ thick. The dirt layer came a little under halfway up the side.


Then I sprayed some water into the bucket to get things damp. You don’t want it soaking wet – just damp.

Its ready! All I have to do now is add our compostable scraps to the bucket and give it a stir every few days. If this were going in a yard, I’d say not to put it in direct sun, but we have only got the patio, so it’ll be in shade and damp most of the time anyway.

Not sure what you can compost? There are lots of lists, but the general guidelines are that any uncooked fruit and veggie matter can go in, eggshells, paper (not glossy), hair, and dryer lint. I encourage you to go and double check if you aren’t sure about something.



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