Meal Planning for a New Year

First, this isn’t a resolution. In my experience, those never go well. They get hyped up, and then they get forgotten and you feel guilty about it for awhile before moving on.

This is because I have to get some of this excess weight off. And because we are trying to budget and save a little more money. So starting with January, I will be meal planning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

I’ve made up a meal planning sheet for myself, which you’re more than welcome to use – you can click on it here and download it, or from the downloads page. For me, breaking it into week chunks makes it a bit easier and less overwhelming than looking at the whole month at once.

weekly meal plan

Do you have any great suggestions for meal planning? Have you found tips and/or recipes that were successful?


5 thoughts on “Meal Planning for a New Year

  1. I used to use a monthly dinner menu sheet to try and take the pressure of trying to figure out what to make for dinner every night off my daily to do list, but found it could be restricting and at times added more stress than it relieved. Instead I keep a list of all the meals I make or want to make and then refer to it as needed. Grace also gave me a list of suggestions for her lunches so I don’t have to come up with something new everyday on my own. Lists might be an added benefit to your meal planning, just in case you need alternatives.

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    1. FreshlyGroundHome

      This is a great idea – I like the lists. That I can definitely do, and it will give me options rather than make me feel tied to the sheet. Perhaps a combination to start with….


  2. I find I can stick to a meal plan if I only plan 3 days out – which doesn’t seem like the point, but I find that allows me to deal with leftovers, as there inevitably are leftovers or other curveballs thrown our way when I do a meal plan.

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