Does the Swedish Chef use Swedish Dishcloths?

When she came home from visiting family over Christmas, my BFF brought me a Swedish dishcloth. She knows I’m trying to go green, and it qualifies as a “kitchen gadget,” which she knows I’m always up for.

This is what it looks like –IMG_5094

Cute, right? I love the design, but I’d never heard of it before. Here’s the label from the back.


It expands, I can wash it, its eco friendly, made in the USA, biodegradable, and washable. What’s not to love here?

So I decided this evening to give it a try. It starts off thin. Feeling a bit like those expanding towels that you find in the dollar store.


It’s definitely not the same thing. It doesn’t change size. It does expand and holds a TON of water. I used it to wipe down the counters, and it did a great job, and I even wrung it out and went back to wipe up a spill and it soaked it all up.

I’ll keep using this and we’ll see how it goes. But so far I’m really impressed and intrigued.

If you’re interested in finding out more, go check out their website!

They’ve got SUCH cute designs (I love the turtles and the vikings). They aren’t cheap, which does make me pause. I know it says they last through 200 washes, or for about a year. Maybe that would even out the cost? I’m still leaning towards making the roll of fake paper towels from birds eye cotton cloths snapped together. We’ll see.

Have you tried these before?


2 thoughts on “Does the Swedish Chef use Swedish Dishcloths?

  1. They are cute and I don’t think they are that expensive at all. I use paper towels very sparingly – mostly to drain fried foods on (cloth really doesn’t work as well), but I do go through sponges and cloth dish towels quickly.


    1. FreshlyGroundHome

      This is true. I’m going to use this one and see how it holds up – it if makes it as long as they say, then its worth the money! Their website says they are even compostable!

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