Doctor Visits….

Ah, the doctor. Everyone’s not so favorite place to go.

I had to go in the other day for something minor, but I went ahead and had blood drawn, because I have made it a goal to lose some serious weight. I figured it hadn’t been done in awhile, and I wanted to see where I started, so when I have it done again in 6 months. (stupid cholesterol) I’ll know how well I’ve done. Also, I have a slipped disc in my back, and putting on weight since getting married has really made a difference in a bad way. It hurts almost all the time, and I know if I lost weight I’d be healthier, feel better about myself, and it would help that as well.

So, my recipes will still have some delicious things, but they’re probably going to start leaning toward the healthier. And possibly some 1940s wartime recipes. Both because some of them actually aren’t bad (and are pretty easy on the wallet) and because I’m researching some things for a book idea I keep working on as a pet project.

If you’ve got tips for healthy eating and such, fire away! I can use all the help I can get!


2 thoughts on “Doctor Visits….

  1. My secrets to heathy eating? We don’t eat a lot of processed foods nor do we eat a lot of meat. We eat at least one vegan meal a week (although I never tell them it’s vegan). When I do make desserts, they tend to involve fruits and whole grains – like apple pie with a whole wheat flour in the crust. It might be not uberhealthy, but it’s healthier than cheesecake.

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