Productivity! Kitchen Cloths and Preserved Lemons

I spent some quality time today (okay, more like 30 minutes) making a few kitchen towels today. I really like the Three Bluebirds towel (I talk about it here) that the BFF got me at Christmas, but we’re trying to save money, and the cost is just more than I am willing to spend. But I also like the idea of the “cloth paper towels” I’ve seen on Pinterest. You know the ones – they are sewn in the rough size of a paper towel, and then have snaps on the sides so you can snap them together and wind them on your paper towel holder.

Really cool idea, right? So I found some bird’s eye cotton (also known as diaper cloth) at Joann’s. Its thinner than I thought it would be, so I only bought a yard to test it out. I looked at the snaps, but they are a ridiculous price, so I decided folding them up under the counter worked just fine for me.


I prewashed and dried the fabric, remembered that I took my iron to school where it died when the children ironed plastic with it (its a long story). So I just shook it out and figured, what the heck. Its for cleaning anyway, so who cares if its square?


I just folded it twice, and cut the folds so I had four large squares. (and trimmed all that fluffy stuff off the sides. Yours will, of course, not be wrinkled like mine.) I folded the edges over twice, did a quick hem with the sewing machine, and… ta da! Cleaning cloths.


If you decide to make them, let me give you a tip. Use the iron. Iron the fabric and cut straight sides. And if you fold over the edges twice, iron it. Makes it SO MUCH EASIER to sew them up!

If I find that the diaper cloth is really good, I might splurge on the snaps. I also have a half off coupon for AC Moore, and once the snow goes, I’ll look and see what they’ve got. Sometimes Joann’s runs a little more expensive on some things anyway.

After I finished that, I made up some preserved lemons to use in tagines over the next couple months. I wrote a post on that  a while ago if you want to take a look!


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