The Hunt is On!

Last weekend was a whirlwind. We went house hunting, and found a house we really liked.

Like, enough to buy. We got all excited, we sorted out the mortgage stuff…. only to find out that it was a short sale.

Okay. We discussed, we revamped the finances, and decided we could still make it work.

Then Sunday morning we get another call. OUr real estate agent lets us know that the people living in the house are, in fact, tenants, not owners. And their lease doesn’t run out until August 31.

I’m a teacher. The prospect of moving the day before school starts is so stressful is isn’t worth thinking. So we had to let go of the house. We were apparently not the first.

I know we’re first time home buyers. Our real estate agent is lovely. And I find it incredibly frustrating that the seller’s agent didn’t find it necessary to tell us ANY of that in the listing. We wouldn’t have even gone to see the house if we’d known all those detials. And I know that the seller wants people interested, but it just seemed a little…odd, to say the least.

The rest of the week has been crazy, but one of the highlights was making a cake for the baby shower of a coworker at school. They’re having a little girl, and she’s doing flowers to decorate, so I made the cake as an ombre rose cake. And I’m really pleased with the way it came out! Its a basic white almond cake inside, and the frosting is made with my Mom’s old Wilton recipe (which I’ve posted before). I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to do it, and it was just as easy as it seems. Next time I’ll do some things differently, but I have to say the best thing I’ve done (and which I will continue to do when making cakes) is to cut a piece of parchment the size of the bottom of the cake pan and using that with the grease and flour. No more chunks of cake sticking to the pan and ruining the surface!

Here’s the cake in all its glory, with white edible pearls on top to boot!



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