Keeping Everything Crossed…

So, after the disappointment of the first house we found, we’ve had better luck. Last weekend, we found another house. Same neighborhood even. We looked at three last Saturday. The first one wasn’t bad, and definitely sparked an interest. But the second, which was on the high end of our price range (like the top) and which we didn’t expect to like, we really, really liked. The third was a bigger version of a house we looked at last year.

Affectionately (because we don’t live there) known as the goose house.

Seriously, this house was a huge NO. The layout was weird, but the biggest thing were the tole painted geese EVERYWHERE. No kidding. On wooden valances over the windows, on chair rails around each room, on shelves built into every corner, above every door…. *shudder*

Everyone thought it was so funny. Mainly because I despise geese. They are out to get me. When I was a little kid, we went to colonial Williamsburg and I had a hat on. We went walking next to the pond near the governor’s mansion. I was shorter than the geese. They stole my hat.

We are lifetime enemies now, the geese and I. But I digress….

So, anyway, we really liked the second house. REALLY liked it. I mean, the kitchen…. oh, the kitchen! Tomorrow we have the home inspection. We’re praying there’s nothing terrible there. The apartment is really beginning to bother me, and we won’t even go into the ridiculous things that have gone on. Suffice to say, I want this house to work because we love it, and because we really need to move.

Keep everything crossed that things work out! I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to update with all the moving things and projects and paint colors!


(Did I just say I’m hoping to post about moving? I must be mad!)


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