Recycled Pots

A friend brought me this Pot Maker the other day, knowing my love of gardening. Its actually a really nice idea, and a great way to make homemade biodegradable seed pot.


The whole process is really simple. You need scissors, the Pot Maker, and newspapers. That’s it.


You just cut some strips that are around 3″ -4″ wide and around 10″ long. Then wrap them around the pot maker, lining up one edge with the top of the wide part on the pot maker. Then just roll it up!


Then you fold over the edges of the bottom and press it into the base, giving a little twist.


You get a small seed pot, with a tiny hole in the bottom. This isn’t the best photo, and it will sit better when its full of dirt.


I haven’t gotten anything growing in them yet, but I like the concept, and it seems to work well. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have you tried these? What did you think?


5 thoughts on “Recycled Pots

  1. Hey, Love your post, l brought one of these from a garden show last year and LOVE it. Easy, cost effective and grows seedling really well. Some seed starter pot(jiffy pots etc) when planted in the ground I have found cause root growth restrictions especially my sunflowers but the paper pot seem to work awesome. You will love it. Happy Gardening.

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