2016 Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival… and projects

This weekend I conned the BFF into going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival with me again. It was easier than last year, since she had no idea what to expect that time. I packed my pre-budgeted cash in my purse, picked her up, and away we went!

Sunday admission is slightly discounted, and we try to get there as it opens on Sunday. There’s less of a crowd then.

Last year I found some great ideas. A leaf place mat set that I haven’t had time for yet, and several other things. One of my on going projects is to create a new quilt for our bed – but I can’t decide on a pattern. I have decided on a color palette, so I’ve been seeking out fabric stores when my husband and I go places on vacation and weekend adventures. Almost like a souvenir I can incorporate into the final quilt.

I also finished a kaleidoscope quilt top I’ve been holding onto for eons, but of course I found the pieces of it after I got the top together. I thought they’d been thrown out in the last move.

There were some awesome quilts there, and I found a stencil for the quilt pattern I’ll be using on the quilt I promised my brother I’d finish for him. Its an antique flower basket quilt found in my grandfather’s things after he died.

Here are some of the highlights of the quilts that were there – some of my favorites were the ones “for the kid in all of us”  – they ranged from spot the difference quilts, mazes, and riddles!

I’m actually really looking forward to trying to join another quilt guild again –  the Colonial Piecemakers guild in Williamsburg meets at a time I can actually make!


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