Fossils and a Beautiful Day!

On Sunday we had beautiful temperatures! After the quilt show with the BFF, I came home, changed clothes, and the husband and I went out to York River State Park. I read somewhere that you could hunt for fossils there! There are actually three places in Virginia, and I don’t know how I missed this before!


York River is apparently known for having the scallop shell that is the state fossil of Virginia (I didn’t know we even HAD a state fossil.)

Its about a half mile walk out to the beach and a half mile back. Its a lovely park, and getting to the beach was easy. You aren’t allowed to take anything, unless you’re on an offical Fossil Walk with the state park rangers.


But its still pretty cool. The beach is thick with them. I even dug up a scallop with barnacles that was easily the size of my fist (bigger, even)!20160228_152245

There were lots of chunks of fossilized barnacles as well, and somehow I found those probably the most interesting…. maybe because they were the most obviously fossilized, if that makes sense.


You could see the layers of fossils in the cliff side as well – just nifty all around!


Next time, I’m dragging the husband and the BFF to one of the other parks, Chippokes Plantation State Park, as you are supposed to be able to find shark teeth there.

Definitely an interesting trip!


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