Kitchen waste to … Garden?

I watched a show on TV the other day (I forget what Create TV program it was) and they were talking about growing food from kitchen waste. I’ve seen bits about it here and there, and last weekend Brent and Becky’s had a free class about it (which I missed due to a screwed up optometrist appt – don’t get me started on that!), and I wanted to know more.

A few weeks ago I bought fresh ginger to make a dish for dinner. Instead of putting the ginger in the fridge when I was finished, it got left out on the counter in the bag for a few days, in the bowl with the onions. When I realized it and pulled it out to put in the fridge, I was surprised to see that there were what looked like little bulges that reminded me faintly of potatoes when they start to grow. So I looked it up online and discovered you can grow ginger as a houseplant and harvest it to use.

You know where this is going, right?

So on a warmish day, I got the leftover bag of potting soil out and one of my pots, and potted that sucker up. The information I found online did warn that they were slow to start.

Today, We have green showing!


Its not much, but its a start! I’ll be excited to see what it looks like, and whether or not it blooms. The research online says that probably isn’t likely, but you never know.

Apparently some of the other things you can grow are potatoes (done this before), green onions (you leave the root on and plant it), carrot tops, romaine lettuce, and garlic.

I’ve saved the seeds from jalapeno’s before, and you are supposed to be able to save the seeds from tomatoes. Avocado seeds too!

I even brought home the chunk of thai basil served with our pho one night and put it in some water – it rooted in a week and was massive!

Apparently citrus and most fruit seeds (apples, lemons, etc) don’t work so well, as growing the plant from seed frequently doesn’t produce a fruiting plant. Something about fruiting trees being grafted.

Do you know of any others? Have you tried any of these?


4 thoughts on “Kitchen waste to … Garden?

    1. I understand THAT! Our current apartment has ONE spot that gets any light of any value. All the plants are in that one place. I’m really looking forward to moving somewhere where my peace lily won’t look so droopy and the plants can get spread out!


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