I haven’t disappeared!

I’m sorry for the radio silence! Things have been super busy here lately. We close on our new house in 3 days! Between getting ready to pack up the house, dealing with school/work stuff, and stressing over everything that needs to happen, I haven’t been on here much.

Plus, I’m doing my best to eat through the fridge and pantry. It has made mealtimes a bit…. special, let’s say.

I did have one exciting baking moment this week when I had someone pay me to make them cupcakes. First time that’s ever happened, and since we are moving and all that – every little bit of extra money helps!

Here’s what they looked like in the end – three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and almond. I hope they liked them!

Today I’m going through some things in the kitchen, packing away anything we won’t use in the next month, and making chili for dinner.

I’ll post some packing tips (if I’ve got any) in my next post!


4 thoughts on “I haven’t disappeared!

  1. your cupcakes look delicious! When I’ve moved I use my fabric to pack the breakable items… china, dishes, etc. Good luck packing and moving. They’re not fun but can be a great time to get rid of stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of. 🙂


  2. Packing up the dining room to paint it a few years ago made me realize, we are NEVER moving again. But if we do, I’m paying someone else to pack up all of this. I’ll sort it out on the other end.


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