We’re Baaaa-ack!

Whew! It’s been awhile, but there’s good reason – we’ve finally moved into our first house!

The people we bought it from didn’t really clean much (found out later they hired movers, so there was not much cleaning) either before we moved in, or in some places, well, hardly ever. I went through a 100 count thing of Lysol wipes and I only wiped down baseboards in half the house and cleaned one bathroom.

The walls weren’t bad, but as it’s our first house and I might have been feeling a bit… ambitious, we planned to paint pretty much everything. Most of the walls were a little scuffed, and there were lots of nails to take out and spackle, so it needed it. I painted one and a half rooms on Wed and Thursday. But Friday of moving week (at the beginning of the month) my mom came up and she worked on getting the office/craft room white (it took three coats. I didn’t buy the good paint. I learned my lesson.) while I painted the library room, guest bath, master second coat, accent wall in the guest room, and living room. She painted the kitchen and helped with the living room too, and she’s awesome.

Saturday, May 7, we moved and invited everyone we knew that we could convince to come out and move all our crap. My brother and his fiancée told me the best part of moving any of their sisters (she has two) is that they then go home and throw things out. I think I should be offended, but I’m not. I have a lot of crap and I know it.

My mission now is to get things unpacked, and finish painting. I’ve finished the guest bedroom, but I have the hallway and the hall next to the kitchen/laundry left to do. I know there’s no rush, but I want to get it all done! The doors all need paint too, but I have plans for those, so they may have to wait a bit.

I think everyone is most in love with our library room. It was originally the dining room (we think), but since we eat in the kitchen, and there’s PLENTY of room for the table we want to get in there, we decided the bazillion books needed their own home. The pictures don’t show it well, but we repainted in slightly different colors. The bottom before was a green grey. Now its almost purple. and the top color is darker.

I did manage over the last two weeks to get the guest bathroom pretty much done, minus some pictures I want to change out on the walls. The before picture shows the brown-green bathroom paint. The after doesn’t show it too well, buts now a light green/minty color.

And the accent wall in the guest room looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself! The previous owners had painted it a neutral tan, which wasn’t bad, but I thought it made them look smaller. Plus I just wanted to paint an accent wall in that room because I could. Its a dark blue/teal color in matte, and then I used a satin of the same color, with a tiny bit of white from the other walls mixed in. I tried it without first, but you couldn’t see the swirls at all. Now its just enough to be a little different. They were all put on freehand, with just an artist brush!

We have discovered that though we thought we had everything we need, there have been lots of reasons to end up at Home Depot. What everyone told us is true – we’ll spend lots of time (and money) there. I’m still working on my garden plans, but Hubs did come home last night with materials and built me a raised bed to get started. I was very excited, and with the last two weeks being almost entirely rain, we took advantage of the sunny skies and got it planted before dark as well! He’s promised me two more, which I take to mean I can now go to the garden center….. heh.

More pictures will come as we work on projects, and hopefully there will be more posts. I want to have more things about my drawing projects as well as home and food, so maybe I’ll post more of that as well. 🙂

Hope you’ve all been doing well, and that you’re drier than we are right now!


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