Back in the Game!

Its been a busy couple of months! We have finally moved in and unpacked the house, had the housewarming party, and even gotten the garden going (we started that before the house was even unpacked, actually.)

Now I just have to get back into cooking and making things again. I’ve been working on it IMG_5660– I’m making sure to cut back herbs and dry them frequently, and when the zuchinni of doom started making lots of fruit, I made zuchinni chips with the dehydrator. Sadly, the zuchinni had to be pulled because the main stem was damaged by its own weight and squash bugs. So no more zuchinni.


Our tomato plants have fared the same. They looked awesome – HUGE – but they were beefsteaks, which are not what I normally grow, and I didn’t cage them, I staked them. The stakes weren’t big enough in the end. Now I’m looking at making a lot of fried green tomatoes and green tomato pickles. We’ll still get a few ripe ones, which DH is enjoying immensely (I don’t like raw tomatoes), but its still a bummer.


I’m planning to go to the local farmer’s market produce auction in the next few weeks with my mom and we’ll buy a LOT of tomatoes and then put up sauce and juice. I’d like to do green beans as well.

IMG_5662I’ve also tried fermented, traditional dill pickles with cukes from the garden this year. They are looking appropriately cloudy and bubbly, and they smell delicious. Its confusing, because the extension office directions say 6 weeks in the brine. Other places say anywhere from 7 days to 6 weeks. Anyone ever made these before? When did you eat them?

I’ll try to get on here more, especially since I have lots of recipes in mind to try, as well as projects around the house.

Until then, here’s a picture of the cat, enjoying the sunshine. Because why not?



6 thoughts on “Back in the Game!

  1. Glad you’re back. Always enjoy your posts. I’ve been having lots of issues in the garden as well. Maybe it’s just that kind of year — or maybe that’s just how gardening goes. I’d have to go with the latter on that one. Look forward to future posts. ~ Tilly

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    1. Thank you! I enjoy yours as well (I’m working on getting caught up!) There’s been a lot of others who’ve had problems this year – I don’t know what you’re weather was like, but at the beginning of the spring we were very very wet. I wonder if that started some of it.


      1. Our problem has been lack of rain. We went for about a month and a half with less than 1″ of rain total. We’re still not very wet, with rain only about once every week and then it’s just a passing shower. Our water bill is going to be horrid.


  2. Hooray and welcome back. I find with fermented dills, they’re ready in about 4-5 days. Most of it depends on the room temperature where they are sitting, but all my fermenting books say to start checking them after 3-4 days. They’ll keep for weeks in the fridge once you get them to a place that you like.

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      1. I took a Sandor Katz class last year and learned that. A fantastic new fermenting resource other than Sandor is “Ferment Your Vegetables” by Amanda Feifer. I highly recommend it.

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