Mushroom Capitol of the World? Who knew?

This weekend was my girls’ weekend trip with the BFF. This year, we went to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Originally the goal was to go to Longwood Gardens. We’re a sucker for a good botanical gardens. We also found a place downtown that was a Mushroom store and said it had an exhibit. This was just strange enough to sound perfect for us!

So Friday we got there later in the evening and picked the brain of the lovely woman working at the front desk. When we mentioned mushrooms, she told us about this place we just had to visit – The Woodlands at Phillips – that had a mushroom museum.

She had us at Mushroom Museum.

On top of that, she gave us each a flyer that had a coupon for a free jar of mushrooms with a purchase. Heck yeah!

We also got directions to a farmer’s market. So Friday night was spent going to the Amish Market, and then the Booth Corner Farmer’s Market.

Baked goods. That’s all I have to say. There are a lot that came home with me. Let’s leave it at that. This post isn’t about all the amazing gardens and Amish market. This is about mushrooms.

We had no idea that Kennett Square is the self-proclaimed “Mushroom Capitol of the World.” We didn’t know why, just that it said so everywhere. And once you knew, you realized that there were signs for mushroom soup everywhere.

So we went to The Woodlands at Phillips Saturday afternoon after we were done melting at Longwood Gardens. We always manage to go on these BFF weekends when it is insanely hot. The mushroom museum and shop sounded great, and sounded air conditioned. And at that point in the day, AC was pretty high up on our list of requirements, after being outside from 9 to 1.

The Woodlands at Phillips is in the original home, and its a really lovely building. The actual farm appears to be across the street, with a few buildings on the hillside below the house.


There are mushrooms painted on the asphalt leading you to… what else…. the mushroom museum!


It was actually a really nice, very informative little museum. There were well done informational, museum quality posters all around the little room with information about why Kennett Square was the mushroom capital of the world, how Phillips got started, and then a poster with information about each of the mushrooms they grow.


They also had a small room set up with each of the mushrooms they grow, well, growing. It was very cool to see how they farm each kind – they all need different mediums and have different ways of growing.

The ladies working inside were really friendly and very helpful, especially since once I found out they sold mushrooms, I came home with a pound of pom pom mushrooms (also called lion’s mane), and 3 pounds of shiitakes. Sometimes, I go a bit overboard. But I highly recommend a stop here if you’re ever in the area. I’ve bookmarked their website, as they ship mushrooms, but it says they won’t start again until October. I’ll be looking to see how much it is then!

I’ll post a mushroom recipe a little later. I’m still deciding what to do with all these mushrooms!


One thought on “Mushroom Capitol of the World? Who knew?

  1. I knew about Kennett Square being the mushroom capital of the world. I have lots of useless information like that.
    I’ve heard you can freeze mushrooms, but I’ve never tried it myself. I have a few really wonderful mushroom recipes, but most of them are wintery – mushroom stroganoff being one of them.

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