I’m Going to a Craft Fair!!!

I bit the bullet and I’ve signed up to take my soaps and cards to a craft show in Virginia Beach next weekend. Its not anything huge – a local one at a high school I used to work at – but I’m very nervous. I like making soap, and I’m hoping I could turn it into a side business that might help us save up some money.

So I’m crafting up a storm for the next two weeks. I’ve made about 9 pounds of soap so far (which only adds up to about 30 bars of soap) and I’m working on whipped body butter, sugar scrub bars, bath salts, and bath fizzies, as well as my handmade greeting cards. (I love sending mail and getting mail. Email is great but there’s something fabulous about snail mail!)

So wish me luck! Here’s a preview of what I’m working on. I’ll post again a little later with some more photos.

Have you done any craft shows? Have any tips or hints for a newbie?


One thought on “I’m Going to a Craft Fair!!!

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