A Little Disappointment…

Well, the craft show was a bit of a disappointment. BUT, I think it may have had more to do with organization (or lack thereof) than perhaps what I was trying to sell. I did have a few people buy things, my grandmother included. But without my grandmother I wouldn’t have even made enough to pay for the (relatively cheap) table.


Having run a festival along a similar line (and gearing up to run one as a fundraiser at my own school) I can say that the craft fair was a real mess when it came to how it was run. I’m not going to rant about it. It isn’t worth that. But I will say that when there was pretty much NO foot traffic into the show for the first two hours, and very little when it finally did “pick up,” and the organizers were terribly disorganized and seemed to have nothing together, I won’t be back. Nor will I be telling anyone about it.

So I’m trying one more in April. They seem to be doing a lot of advertising, and they appear to be WAY more organized and on top of things.

Maybe only doing a few shows isn’t the way to go about this, as I know that sometimes its just luck, but I also know that I have to make a decision about this soon. I enjoy the process of making these things, but if I can’t make a small side business out of it, then I’ll go back to making enough for us, and nothing else.

Here’s hoping.


One thought on “A Little Disappointment…

  1. I’m sorry it wasn’t a successful show! That’s always such a bummer. I’ve definitely had a few of those myself. I’ve even lost money before, ouch! Keep your chin up and keep at it. You’re right about some days just being sheer luck, and disorganization surely doesn’t help that. 💕


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