Time to Plan the Garden!

After waiting a bit too long because of all the other things going on, I’ve made my seed purchases for the garden this morning! (I’m a little late, I know) Now I just have to figure out where on earth I’m going to be starting all these!

We’ve got a plan this year, and I’m going to try mixing some herbs and veggies into the flowers in the front landscaping. That’s my big project – it looks pretty awful out there, and I really want to make it look nice. We bought a Camellia at the Virginia Flower and Garden Show in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago. Its supposed to look like this:

Susan Stone, Aiken, 2013.JPG

At least, I think it is. When I looked at the ribbon tied to it, I thought they told me it was a “susan m” but I can’t find a camellia that has that name…. so we’ll see what it looks like in the end. I know its a double bloom. It’ll be a surprise!

I’m thinking of redoing the edging around the front beds – right now its curved red brick scalloped pieces that I’m not crazy about, and most of them need to be taken out and re-set anyway. And I need to scrape off all the old mulch and amend the soil…. there’s a lot of work. Most of the bushes are half dead as well. The camellia actually replaced an azalea that had seen better days.

And we found Leo and Lizzie the skinks living in the dirt under the dead azalea too – totally didn’t realize that lizards lived in the ground. Happily, neither of them were hurt, and we put them back in the bed when we were done planting the camellia.

Do you have suggestions for starting plants indoors? For bed edging?


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