DIY Seed Pots

I told you I bought seeds yesterday – and I’m hoping I’m not too late – but I already have some seeds left from last year (and may go buy some more this weekend).  But I have too many seeds and not enough of anything to start them in. Rather than go spend more money on plastic greenhouses and peat pots (which never decompose like they say they will), I decided to make my own seed start pots from recycled materials.

I have a newspaper pot maker a friend gave me, so I’ve made some of those, but I also have a bunch of toilet paper tubes I’ve been saving for a project at school that never happened. But I wanted the ends of the tubes to be closed, and somewhat even. You may not care if they wobble, but I’ve got issues with that.

So, if you’re willing to spend an hour in front of the TV folding cardboard, you’re set!

First, get your tubes together. Easy enough. Now, these are tubes, and they’re round. This caused me some problems when I was trying to fold up the bottom. So I made it easy. I flattened it.


Then, release the tube and make the two folded edges match up, and flatten again. You’re basically making it into a squarish-tube.

Now, measure about ¾” up from the bottom and mark it on the folded edges. It doesn’t have to be super precise. Just close.


Use a pair of scissors and cut down your fold lines to the ¾” mark. Fold the flaps you’ve created to the inside, and then pull them back out.

You’re basically making the bottom of a cardboard box.


Fold the flaps one right after another around the edge. Then slide the last flap under the first flap. The picture will help explain things:


It will probably want to warp inward. This is okay! Its just a seed pot, after all. My thought was that they are recyclable, and when I plant them, I can either open the bottom to give the roots more room, or just rip the whole thing away and put it in the compost bin.

I planted mine with some (rather old) pea seeds, and spinach. We’ll see how they do!


I also started a jar of sprouts for the DH. They should take no time at all.



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