Year Saving Plan

I’ve been using this chart as a way to help save a little cash back.


Meal Planning Weekly Chart

This is what I’m using to plan my meals for each week.

weekly meal plan

Canning Labels

I like to make things, and I thought I’d share a few with you here. Enjoy!   Here is my first sheet of printable canning labels. I haven’t set them up to fit sticky labels, but I may have that in the future. Right now they are just set up to be printed and glued.

thumbdl1                              wooden label


Groom “Cold Feet” Sock Holder Printable

I made these up to wrap around a pair of funky dress socks I bought for the groom. Feel free to use yourself!


 Garden Journal Pages

I’ve started a Garden Journal for me, and also one for my students to use with their hydroponics projects. I hope you find these useful!

Seed Info Page Seed Growth Chart Seed Growth Chart2


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